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Phone notifications


Hi Fiverrers, pls tell me how to connect my phone number to my account for the mobile notifications?
I try to find the link, but don’t see any.
May be it depends on country?
I have +(RU) number



Install Fiverr app on your mobile (android / apple)
you can see this option on Fiverr App.


Cheers, I meant mobile notifications without app


Text notification? This feature is not avilable now. You can run mobile app in background.


Cheers. I know about the app.


The app notifies you. I’m not sure you can get notifications on your phone without it.


The app has also very nice feature. You post 5.0 star review and get 4.7. Best software engineering ever!


Yes, too bad it doesn’t go the other way.


I don’t use the app. I find it’s not comfortable for me.


it’s not good
0.3 stars robbery


Bya da kar kawa…


it is very impotent to verify your account through phone