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Phone number on customer support important! [ARCHIVED]


Can someone give me a customer support phone number on fiverr I repeat it is very importand please!!!


There is no phone number for Customer Support. You can contact them via email


They will never list their number. They would probably need 100s of reps to handle the calls, most of which would just be people fighting over $5…


What is your issue ?


Reply to @valjak3d: Virus scan your computer, then change your password. If you’ve got a payoneer card, withdraw all available funds to it so the hacker can’t touch it. If you’re worried about future funds, they clear each day (in approximately 5 hours 20 minutes), so just ensure you’re the first to withdraw them. Good luck.


I spent 10.00 yesterday i thought iwould get a free 5gig. ??? How do i redeem it


I am not sure how that works. Please contact customer support for assistance. Or maybe some forum users will know the answer. I am sure you will find out soon.


This thread is from 2014.


I ordered a logo. Cheap, only $5.50. I got a childish product and cancelled. They now keep my money anyway. This is short of a scam. There was no indication of my funds becoming a “credit,” and they are also deducting a processing fee of 50 cents. What an absolute joke. I will spread the word about this company - especially my experience on social media. They don’t have a way to find an email on their site or phone number to contact them. All these factors indicate they care little if at all about the buyer.


@canitwork It was written right in the Terms of Service that refunds are only given as credit. That’s why you should read them before you use any website. You agree to do so when you sign up.

The processing fee was not deducted. If you buy another gig with your $5 credit, no processing fee will be charged. You don’t need it to use your credit, so it doesn’t show up on your refund.

This thread is actually from 2014 and will be moved and closed shortly.


I need to call them also im not sure if its a real person or a robot that keep copy and pasting things to send to me i have a complete order that has been rated 5 stars i waited 14 days for my money to clear on the 14th day they tells me 12 more hours smfh so no christmas for my son as tomorrow is christmas eve stores here were i live closes at exactly 8 oclock i have alot of patience for fiverr but for the sake of my 6 year old son i have no more patience


There is no phone number. You can submit a ticket to customer support but I doubt it will help you in any way. The average clearance period is indeed 14 days but sometimes it can take up to 17 days.


Nope funds clear after 15 days for regular sellers probly 8 days for top rated sellers even thow they say it takes 14 days for a regular seller and 7 days for a top rated seller its just a lie add 12 more hours on to that


That’s a very sad story about no Christmas for your child due to not getting the money from an order.

If you are using Paypal it takes 3 or 4 days for the money to get from there to your bank.

You posted the last message on December 24 so it would be a miracle to get the money in time to go to the store and buy your son a present even if you got someone from fiverr on the phone. Hope it was an order for more than $5 since fiverr takes our $1 and Paypal takes out $1. And you need a certain amount in your account here to withdraw your funds.

The poor little kid, no Christmas for him unfortunately. Maybe next year will be better hopefully.


No it dont take 3 to 4 days once its with drawn it goes through right away


When i withdraw through paypal it goes right through unless someone on the
other end choose to be smart


Yall got all the answers huh dont even know what yall talking about smh do
you even have a paypal?


I meant the time it takes to get from Paypal to my bank takes 3 or 4 days. Maybe you don’t send it to your bank and it goes into a debit card. I don’t use that and would think it would still take a few days.


Well you should get a prepaid paypal card which are free cause i got my
money already and i withdrawed it like 30 mins ago


No it literally takes five mins to actually have physical money in my hand
minus the trip to the atm i have a bank account also but i dont use it for
this i rather use my paypal prepaid its faster no waiting period