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Phone Number Verification Failed and 48 hour ristriction


Hi guys, greetings.
Pls anyone know how to fix the phone number verification problem.

I exhausted my whole options and now have been given 48 hours before i can try again.
Would be great to have a solution cause i know this can last up to a week.

I’ve had this problem before and i got tired and deleted the fiverr account. i really can’t do that again.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


There really is no solution except to go through Customer Support. Phone verification is usually pretty basic, the one thing you have to be very cautious of is too many failed attempts close together. If you have a normal failure that you think might be due to mis-typing the number or something basic, it’s good to wait several hours before trying again so the system doesn’t detect repeated failed attempts that look like hacking.

That typically resolves any minor issues. If that doesn’t work, it’s usually a bigger issue like trying to verify a phone number from one country with your IP in another, or using VPN on your computer but verifying with your normal home number, etc. I’ve heard of one case where someone tried to use a “burner” mobile phone and that failed but they re-tried with the landline method and it worked fine. So, basically, the more simplistic your setup, the more likely you succeed. Good luck.


I had that happen and waited 48 hours and then it worked.


Ok thanks a lot. Maybe if i could retry, i might opt for another phone number or something.
I’ve tried contacting Support though, waiting on them to respond.

Thanks for the info


Phone Number Verification Failed and 48 hour ristriction , why , please tell your experience.


@silkioberoi Contact CS for further assistance.