Phone numbers from clients


More often then in the past I’ve received messages from clients that want are have laid out what project they need illustrations for and want to plan a call to discuss the details, or who want to talk about the current gig over the phone.
Did TOS or it’s wording change when I wasn’t paying attention, the bit about no outside contact, or is it just an influx of people who aren’t reading it?


I get those very often lately…
I suppose taking 5 minutes to read the ToS is already too much wasted time for them?


If your gig requires outside communication it might be allowed. For example, the people that offer Skype consultations, phone sessions and things like that.

But that doesn’t count for people that offer creative services like we do. Except for few categories, flyers and business card design. People are allowed to send phones, emails because they are needed in order to complete those kinds of orders.


Tell them it is against the rules. This is the internet where a great deal of detailed information can be exchanged instantly with messages-- literally any amount of information can be discussed.