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Phone verification bug

i ve got a code and when i am putting it and trying to submit it. The submit button remains inactive so i cannot submit it. Please fix this issue ASAP so i can confirm it. Thanks

Please see this thread:

Please use Google Chrome for the phone verification process.

Else contact Support:

same problem here i contacted support already and no help

i tried it in firefox and chrome not working now my account will restricted if phone not verified

what to do?


Stop posting the same issue over MULTIPLE threads.

This has been your 3rd post within the last hour on different locations.

Don’t worry no one will ignore you, if you post on a SINGLE location.

I already responded to your initial post along with your NEW thread that you posted.

Your action can be interpreted as spam, and that is the last thing that you need.

Solution Found

Step 1: Delete the Gig in which you are facing the phone verification issue.

Step 2: Now Login Your Account on Chrome Browser.

Step 3: Create a New Gig , You Won’t be asked for phone verification this time, i think they removed the feature and started working on it,

hurrey!! you are done… tell me if it works for you.

This didn’t work for me, I’m just going to wait for a reply from them.

i have the same problem like yours
i am waiting the reply from CS FIVERR i hope that will fixing this problem really i don’t like the red banner on the top :wink:
if somzeone has fixed this problem thanks to share
Thank you