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Phone verification code is wrong [SOLVED]


I haven’t seen this problem from anyone on fiver forum before maybe I’m the first one.
It happen when i tried to withdraw earning, change password etc that needs verification code. I entered the code I got from my phone but I got this message scscscs even customer service can’t solve the problem since this is my 5th times report them and the answer is always clear cache and cookies.

does anyone know that is the problem?


Can you change mobile number


this is my third time change it. i don’t have any phone number anymore


try again after reboot your mobile


Contact support asap, no waiting , happened to me the first time I wanted to withdraw money, later it was fixed. Now I use the same computer to get money from the network.

Contact Support. ASAP


Please try to verify by sms.Hope it will work.


glad to know someone who had the same problem as me get solve by customer support but unfortunately my account got temporarily disable just because of this verification thing. I hope everything is okay so i can just start working without any problem next time.


Yes, everything is ok, it is just a matter of time.
Try tomorrow, hope that it will be fine


Hello there, This is also happen with me now they show me !

this message has been shown from last one month. What I can do now? please help me out



my problem is solve now thanks to arafatjamil01. First go to customer service and then if they ask you to clear cache and cookies just go to google chrome and use incognito. to verified your number. it work for me but before that make sure to restart your phone first :slight_smile: