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Phone verification doesn't work, even when different numbers are tried


I am not sure if this is the right place to report but for some reason when I enter my phone number it says. ‘something is wrong with this number’
Any advice appreciated on how to resolve this issue ^ ^. Looking forward to advice soon, and thanks for reading this.



You can try entering the phone no by not manually adding but copy the no from word document.
Maybe this Will help.

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i actually experienced this issue on fiverr for a very long time.
well first am guessing you are trying to use your smartphone to initiate the verification process. If you are, I’ll advise you use a personal computer cause my didn’t work until I tried it with my PC.
secondly, if you got an OTP already and you typed it in correctly chances are your number has already been verified but it still gave you some kinda error message… so I suggest you go and check your email for a message saying “a new phone number was added to your fiverr account.” That mail confirms that your number has already been verified