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Phone verification don't work at all


I am a new member here and will be very thankful if you help me.
To be able to publish my 1st gig, I need to verify my phone number.
First I am not allowed to enter my phone digits at all. Just the form don’t do anything when I try to enter my phone number. I copy-paste there the digits and when I click to get the verification code, nothing happen again. Just that function is not working at all.
I contacted the Support team. By their advice, I tried to do the same action via Mozilla, Chrom and IE. Even via the mobile phone. Nothing again…
Just I am not allowed to verify the phone number and to publish my 1st gig.
Can you, please, help me?!


Hello. Did you already try the number keys on top of your keyboard instead of the keys on the num pad? That worked for some people. If you used those number keys anyway, I fear you can only update your support ticket to tell them that their suggestions did not work.


Thank you very much! I used the keys on top of the keyboard and entered the phone number with a success. Usually I am not using the top keys. But now I got a message : “The phone verification has failed due to too many attempt using a phone number that cannot be verified or wrong code. You must wait 48 hours before trying again to verify.”
I guess, now I should just wait.
Thank you very much! I will post the new info here once I got news.