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Phone verification failed, please retry in 48h LOOP


I’ve created my first gig and got to the “verify” step where you put your telephone number.

Problem is, my belgian mobile telephone number (starting with +32) was “incompatible” according to the site.

I tried several times, with +32, without +32, with 0032, etc, then a message popped up saying my verification was frozen for 48h due to too many attempts.

Thing is, it’s been 72 hours since then, and I’m in a loop with this message.

What can I do ?


I’ve never been asked for my phone number on this site. Maybe it’s something new?

Hopefully someone else can help.


I’m quite new here ; but I’ve read Fiverr has put new security steps to protect one’s account. I think phone verification is automatic to new users.

You can try asking Customer Support for help.


Thanks both, I’ll contact the customer support… Have a nice day !

It’s happened to me too. i asked from help desk. but still not respond from them.

A phone number? Really? I don’t remember that…

What…?? Is it a new feature?

Please keep updating us… Thank you!

I have the same problem! Any news?

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I am have also been locked out. I could not verify number, as the submit button would not work after entering code. Tried two browsers.

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It’s released recently to avoid the users from using fake locations using proxies and VPNs. Along with, VOIP numbers are closed to avoid users from using disposable numbers. @lempika, are you using a VOIP number?

P.s. IDK but it may create trouble for the old users to verify something as Fiverr is now perhaps using a 2-factor authentication or stuffs like that. :slight_smile:


What do you mean the numbers are closed? So when anyone makes a new gig they must enter a phone number?

I meant VOIP numbers i.e. Virtual Phone numbers are closed not normal numbers.

The time when they clicks the Start Selling button a form is given to be filled with various stuffs. In that place it is asked for. And yes, they must enter a phone number.

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Thank you for the response. Is that for any new gig or just for new sellers?

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Just for new sellers. But I am not 100% sure… :wink:

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I faced the same problem and what I did is. Just delete this gig and create new one.

Even if you get your former gig deleted you will still get to verification stage!
If you have not verified your phone number before… .it will be asked for!
Whenever you want to publish the gig!

same issue here, don’t know what to do.

haven’t seen any helpful comment here anyway.

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please, were you able to fix it?
kindly share how you did it, it will go a long way in helping someone else.