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Phone verification failed, please retry in 48h LOOP

As you are in the United States, you just need to be in the United States with a United States phone number to verify that you are a United States with a United States phone number. If you are not in the United States and/or you do not have a United States phone number, then you will have some issues.

If you are pretending to be in the United States, this may be a moment of clarity. If you are not, then I suggest correcting your nationality and using your local phone number.

This is to stop cheats, scammers and liars.


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Mod Note: Email address removed

if you want to create your gig…permanent solution

Mod Note: Posting personal contact information is against Fiverr’s TOS! Your trick will get you banned. Multiple accounts are not allowed!

I have created this account a few hours ago and hopefully completed the verification step without having any trouble.

Most who do this can’t do well with even one account.

I can’t believe someone is bragging about breaking the rules and encouraging others to do the same.

Apparently since an email address was posted also there is absolutely no thought to obeying any rules. This is not the way to make money or succeed.
It’s a sure way to fail.

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you’re right.

i can’t imagine he is actually bragging about this.

I have almost the same problem. My phone number is okay, and I get the code, but for some reason it doesent accepted the code. Then I had some stuff, and when I came back to my account [weeks later] I had the same “You must wait 48 hours before trying again to verify.” and I dont know, what should I do? Delete this account and recreate, or what?

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i have the same problem

I’m also having the same problem. In my case, I selected call, I was called but my location was too noisy, so I did not hear or input the verification code. I have been trying to use sms, but they are not sending the code.

Same problem here in 2020! Unfortunately, you’ve got no verification attempts left for now. Please try again within 24h.

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