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Phone verification failed


I live in Australia and was trying to create my first gig when the phone verification wouldn’t except my phone number. I’m not sure if it’s because it is an Australian number or because it is a terrible verification system but it just doesn’t work. So I go and look at the forums and the only answer anyone has is to go to customer service. So I go to customer service fill out a form, but the captcha doesn’t appear on my laptop screen? Does anyone have a solution to either of these problems?


Sorry all this happened to you! I don’t see a capcha on the customer service page and haven’t made gigs in a while so have not seen a telephone verification request.

I hope someone comes along who can help. You can try posting the problem on fiverr’s facebook page also.


Having the same issue here! Did anyone solved it yet?

Phone verification not working - Not able to input the code in boxes

I have the same problem !!
has anyone solved this issu


Are you in the US?
Did you give the number of a US phone?
Did you use the numbers on the top row of the keyboard (not the numerical keypad) to enter the 4 digit number?

If you did all of those things, then CS will help you within 24 hours or less.
If one of the 3 above weren’t correct, then you won’t be able to verify.

Hope this helps!


No i am not in USA at this moment !
the problem is the SUBMIT CODE button still desactivated


I know you’re not in the US, which is why I asked, and which is probably why your verification failed.

All you can do is wait for CS to get back to you.


Some sellers waiting all last week without any solution from the fiverr CS
my request already sent for them and waiting reply hope fixing this problem


Why don’t you just switch the VPN off so that the Fiverr system can pick up your location correctly?


no i don’t use any vpn
fiverr has localised my correct location and i gave him the correct number


But if you’re not in the US, which you’ve said you’re not, they won’t be able to send you a correct verification code, which is why it’s failing. Your location says US, but your time zone doesn’t match - do you see the problem?

You’re in the same time zone as me, and I’m not in the US, so something’s gone wrong somewhere.





Just so you know


No, but something’s stopping the system from picking up your correct location, so your verification will fail, because you aren’t in the US.

I hope CS will be able to help you.


Thank you
i hope that


Hello, your country and phone number have to match or it won’t work.

Yes you can do very well even if you are not in the U.S. Many here make lots of money from many countries.

I’m wondering why your profile says you are in the U.S.


Being in the same time zone as me wouldn’t necessarily be a handicap either!


i have created this account last 2 years in usa but now i am in other country is that a problem !!


And now you’re in the UK, so there must be some reason that your location isn’t being picked up., which is why your verification’s failing.


yes i know !!
now waiting reply from CS i hope that fixing my problem


It does not do any good to lie-- we all know. We don’t work for fiverr we are sellers.