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Phone verification for Fiverr Gig and now I can't make it active!


Hi - I tried posting the SMS number to verify my phone for Fiverr Gig, and it didn’t work. I tried it three more times, and I have to wait 48 hours before I can reverify. And because of it, I can’t activate my gig… it is in draft. Will I have to wait until 48 hours before my gig is activated?


Hey there.

Your gig will not get activated unless your number is verified.

Phone verification shouldn’t take more than 1 try.

Are you using a vpn service?

Are you providing a valid phone number?


To remain active in fiverr you need to verify fiverr with your phone number.
Otherwise you cant provide service here



Hi Frank_D. I am providing a valid phone number. When I received the verification number on my mobile, i placed it in the boxes, and it said wrong number. i was kind of stumped because that was the number sent. so it had me resend. I tried this four times and it said my tries were too many and I have to wait 48 hours to verify again Weird.


I am facing the same problem.
Give me a solution