Phone verification help


Hello doers, I’m finding it hard to verify my phone number. Please how do I overcome this challenge?


Hello, can you be more specific? What happens when you try?

I entered my phone number, got a code on my phone and entered it in the four boxes and was verified.



Here’s are the steps you can get your number verified.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click security (find it on left sidebar)
  3. You’ll find small heading “PHONE VERIFICATION”
  4. Add your number there. Within few seconds you’ll get a message on the number you entered.
  5. Wait 30sec.
  6. Enter the pin number in the input box.

And you are done.


The message I always get is that I’ve tried and failed verifying my
number and that I should try again in 48hrs


@toluwalopemi143 Is your desktop/laptop time correct? Is the time same as your local time?


The time on my desktop correlate with my local time

  1. Are you getting 4 numbers on your phone to enter into the site?

  2. Are you entering them into the site in the 4 boxes?


Ok. Wait 48h as they said. Update us if you face problem after that.


There might be a problem with your location - your location shows Nigeria, but your time is showing up in a completely different time zone.


it could be also that your forum profile photo and your fiverr site photo are two completely different people. why?


Speaking of time zone. If VPN used then this might be the reason.


Yep - hence not being able to verify by phone. Fiverr sends the verification codes using international prefixes to Nigeria, but if the Fiverr user is actually in the US, the code won’t be verified.


I’ll try again and contact you about the reply.


I have the same picture in both


The picture on my forum profile is different from that on my fiverr
profile. Please how do I change the one on the forum?


This picture on the forum will update soon. It takes longer.


Log out of the forum, and then log back in - it should change then.


It’s been changed.Thanks


Glad you got it sorted!


The problem with the phone verification still persists.