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Phone verification issue. Already connected...

Hi Fiverr Community,

My name is Gaurav Arya and I have opened a new fiverr account ‘Typetable’ with new email address. I had one old fiverr account with my old email (****** account but due to new branding I just created new email ID and set up a new account.

I have faced phone verification issue which I was creating my first Gig. I was stuck there completely, system was not allowing me to create my first Gig and continue before I verify my phone number. Though I did also deactivate my old account.

It was showing this message ‘This number is already connected to a Fiverr account’ on Verify Phone Number popup window.

As I mentioned I had very old fiverr account in which my same number was linked and that also deactivated by me.

Kindly let us know how can we solve this issue and start selling our design services ASAP.

Can I link my wife phone number to my Fiverr account but that should not be any problem in future.

Please guide though I also raised this issue to customer support…