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Phone verification not working #1,275,383


I see a lot of posts about this. Getting brogrammer level of support from Fiverr support on this (ie: 2 weeks later and multiple phone numbers later and … still no verification).

Does anyone have any clues, suggestions, workarounds, ideas on what actually works?


Unfortunately, there are no workarounds to dealing with Customer Support. You will have to be patient, and work with the information they provide to you.


Whenever I read these posts about phone verification not working I’m always suspicious. I’m someone who had no problem with it and usually I’m the one who has problems with things like this. If it is a glitch I have tremendous sympathy for you.


Just curious, I hope that is not a phone number on your title?
Forgive my ignorance if it isn’t


It would be funny if it is.


it seems to be big problem,
you in trouble when you withdrawing money from fiverr,
tell the problem to :smiley:CS


Yes it will be…


Well, for anyone else having a similar problem, I solved mine by setting up a profile on other sites. Support had no answers for me. I have no idea what the problem is and suspect – given all the bug reports I see in the forums from others with the same issue – that Fiverr is simply throwing as little money as possible into the IT/customer service side of things. It makes sense monetarily, but it is frustrating for users.


Maybe you could try getting a cheap phone like a tracphone and trying it with a different number.


Yeah. I really wish Fiverr’s customer support didn’t just say essentially “Too bad.” The help document says" Try your landline" I did! And @misscrystal, I could spend the $ to do that, but that defeats the entire purpose of having a phone verification.