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Phone verification not

Not sure where to post this.

I cannot verify my phone number via website using a mobile. Switching to desktop view does not help.

Fiverr customer support tells me to borrow someone’s PC or use internet cafe. I live in the middle of no man’s land, so neither is an option.

Any suggestions please?

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i’m not sure this still works but 1 guy did it one year ago.

Hope it’s still active.

Hi, many thanks for your help.

If I can my mobile settings to desktop view, I’m able to submit my number and receive the verification code.

What I cannot do is submit the code once I’ve typed it into the box on the browser. The submit code button is greyed out.

Thanks for trying though, appreciate it :blush:

I should add I had this same problem years ago with an old Fiverr selling account…low and behold, the way I got round this was to verify via my laptop…which is now broke!

This might be due to browser incompatibility issues. Fiverr is optimized for and recommends that users use the Google Chrome browser.

I would suggest that you try using Google Chrome and see if you are able to submit the code.

If, however, you are already using Google chrome and you are still unable to submit the code, I’d suggest that you clear your browser’s cookies and caches before retrying.

Hope this helps.

Good luck! :pineapple:

Hi, I’m using Chrome and already tried clearing cache/cookies

This problem has been around for years now on Fiverr…I do not know why they don’t just fix it!

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