Phone verification not working



i have an old account and was all fine till now they sent me message saying to verify my phone number within 30 days or my account will restricted

when i tried to verify my phone number i got problem when i recieve the code the number buttons not remain i just copy and paste one by one numbers then the submit button not return green to submit after some few intents they tell me now to wait 48 hours and try again

i tried it in firefox and google chrome not works i contacted the support no help from them what to do now?

please help my account will restricted if no phone verified


This COULD be an issue for you.

Your location on your profile is displayed as “Australia”.

But your ACTUAL location is GMT + 0.

Let Fiverr support that whether you have utilized a VPN in the past or are currently using it still.


what GMT has to do with VPN, ? yes account rigestred in australia but currently i am in europe and opened in europe i dont use any VPN

fiverr just told me to verify phone number but thier bug not fixed as many here facing same problem


I see.
Then disregard my comment about VPN.

If you are going to go back to Australia soon, then I would recommend you try verifying using a Australian number.

Otherwise let customer support know about your current location situation.


but they not told me anything about location also they said if there no phone number can use landservice number online with no problems

the phone verification has nothing to do with locations this is new feature and not available to all fiverr accounts


How do you know that?

Did customer support TELL you that?


i read this info in their support page

if there something to do with locations they will tell me directly will not tell me to verify phone


Well good luck then. :thumbsup:


by the way sorry im new here to forum are you a moderator or something?


No I am not a moderator.

But you will notice a “Regular” next to my name.

It means I am a promoted member of the forum, because I have spent considerable time on this forum via participation and assisting others with my posts.


thanks for your help i appreciate your time


That’s fine. No problem.


hope this problem solve soon , :slight_smile:


i think 48 hours passed but still they tell me need to wait 48 hours

is everytime i click on verify button they count it as intent? how much time should i wait to get another try verify my phone?


Have they not rolled this phone authentication out to everyone yet? I have yet to see anything about it.


I haven’t either. The feature implementation seem to be bugged.

Hoping to see it after those are resolved.


no not solved yet i dont know if i need to wait another 48 hours


If you have followed all the steps accordingly and are still experiencing issues you need to contact customer support for assistance.


in the fact i did but no problem solved


Hi, I’ve the same problem, I receive the code then I copy/paste one by one numbers then with F12 i enabled the submit button, but when I click it’s tell me that you have not entered the 4 digits.
Anytime Fiverr do an update there is always bugs :frowning:

Please help?