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Phone verification number

Hi fellow freelancers,my friend just started using Fiverr,I mean.he created an account yesterday and he was not able to verify is phone number,after series of trial…he gets the message that he can’t verify his phone number for 24 hrs and that he should try again!
My question is,is there any other way one can publish a gig with verifying his/her phone number


I think he has to verify before he can publish gigs. I had the exact same issue. I just came back after an hour and it let me retry. Hopefully the same will happen for him, if not then wait 24 hours.
If it doesn’t work still after that, I would recommend contacting cs.

@alexandamedia Thanks for your reply.
Did you use a PC? Or your phone

I used a PC when I had this issue

Thanks a lot @alexandamedia

Check this out:

There is a Contact Us icon at the bottom of the article if further help is required.

try using a Pc and I think such issues mainly arise from when using phone but you have to wait for few hours before you can retry

Please contact our fiver support team… I hope they are solve your friends problem

Try using a pc or a tab for number verification

Some of fiverrs website doesn’t supports on android devices
So better use a pc for managing this
Thank you

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