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Phone Verification Problem

Okay, so basically I had gotten up to the verification stage few days ago, after many attempts, I got locked out for 48 hours. After 48 hours, it still showed the same message, I contacted the help centre and they reloaded the feature for me today, but the thing is, I tried my phone number many times again and got locked out. YES I am entering it correctly but it always shows-

‘Something was wrong with your number, check again’

Is this because I am living in Australia, but since I don’t have an actual phone I used a US phone number instead?? Maybe after 48 hours I’ll try my landline instead…

Can anyone help? I’ve contacted customer service for this, anyone else with this issue?

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It’s quite possible it’s due to your location if you used a U.S. number instead of one where you live. If you don’t have a phone perhaps you can verify from a friend or family member home and use the option to receive a call instead of a text. If that doesn’t work, only Customer Support can help.

Has customer service said anything about locations before? I mean I see why, but I’m just curious.

The help article on it mentions country verification.