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Phone Verification Stage Stuck at "Attempts Limit Reached"

My Phone Number Verification Page Is Stuck.
And I’ve waited for 2 straight days but it won’t go out.

What do I do?

How many times did you try?

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I think I tried up-to Three times

Did you click on GOT It?

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Yes I did all the time

What happened the times you tried to verify it?

The OTP wasn’t coming to my phone.
Hence why I had to be clicking on it.
And when it finally came. I ran out of attempts

Same was the issue for me. Wait for 24 hours and then attemp it, It will be than fine.

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Good luck. I recently tried to help a family member setup a new account on Fiverr (new meaning they were completely new to Fiverr). The platform wouldn’t accept their mobile (cell) number or landline. We received exactly the same message. We tried several days in a row on different computers, on different networks, in different locations, using different browsers.

In the end my family member just gave up - and to be honest I don’t blame them. It’s an utterly ridiculous bug that has been reported and asked about many times on these forums over a long period of time.

It’s a shame really as they’re a talented and creative individual.


Same issue
please solve it

Same issue - stuck on verify phone number after 1st and only attempt. Using Chrome.

In other news, can’t login via FB on Firefox. Also, final verification recycles to beginning of edit gig, gig stuck in draft mode, on both Firefox & Opera browsers.

Nice coding, Fiverr. Did you hire someone on Fiverr for it?