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Phone Verification update and solution


I’ve tried ALL of support’s suggestions, numpad, icognito, etc. Even tried having fiverr call me on my landline. I’ve wasted so much time on this already - with only 8 days left on the clock to verify instead of spending my time trying to verify on a site that clearly doesn’t work anymore I’m spending the time migrating all my gigs to ******, ****** and ******. Sucks,
but if Fiverr is going under in 8 days then I still want to protect my business. This seems to be the viable solution.


Have you tried entering the numbers using the numbers at the top of the keyboard and not the numpad?


Things can go unexpected sometimes. I feel for you brother. Umm… have you completely deleted your web browser history, cookies and everything and tried adding a different phone number? Maybe a secondary one?


Change your password, clear browser data, then log in and verify the mobile number. Use the onscreen keyboard to input code and let us know what happened. By the way, If Support failed you, no one can help. Give it a shot! Good luck. :slight_smile:



You say Best Method for it!:slight_smile: