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Phone Verification: Won't let me add phone number

I’m on my first gig, I’m trying to “verify” my gig at the last page, and it doesn’t allow me to put my phone number in the phone number spot. It just let’s me put my prefix, and nothing more.
There’s 2 buttons at the bottom for SMS and Call for verification, and neither of them light up.
Some would say: Contact Customer Support. Well, I tried “Submit a Request” and I kept getting a message saying “Action Failed. Try again later” It’s been over 2 hours trying to get this thing to work. There’s no legitimate ‘email’ nor an actual phone# to contact anyone.
Curious, Why is it so difficult to get a straight answer?

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You mean verifying your profile? Could you provide a screenshot, please? (Please black out any personal info.)

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Hmm. Not sure… You left the +1 in there, and started typing after the dash? (+1-555-555-5555)

Nope, it only allows 3 digits

That’s very far from the +1- and the numbers should be right up against it. Maybe you have some spaces in there? (Single click right next to the dash. Double clicking might have put your cursor in the wrong position.)

It doesnt allow anything at all. When I start to type, iot puts the digits in that spot


Okay, I’m at a loss for this one, sorry. :frowning_face:

I tried that. No answer

Both a ticket and a direct email? (Did the email include your username?)

I couldn’t find a real email for anything. Its buried deep somewhere

I just linked a thread with the email.

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yes, its the “Submit a Request” form. I did that yesterday

Not sure what else I can offer, then. Has it been 24 hours since you submitted the ticket?

One other thought: did you try to copy/paste in the number?

yes, the field where you put the digits, only allows 3 digits.
Is it because I am a new user?

I do have an email from them now…and I dont understand it…

That’s because it’s unrelated to your ticket, or email to Fiverr, concerning your phone number.

Firstly, it states that the email came from the forums@discourse, not
Second, it’s simply saying that you have to make a new post, if you want to share more than one image. (So whatever the second image was, you’ll need to try again.)

The forums are a separate platform from Fiverr.

Ahh… so I guess I made another post asking the same question.

So. Yes… I submitted this issues under the “Submit a Request” yesterday.

I’ve been waiting, and received nothing on the matter

There’s been a few reports of Customer Support taking longer than usual to address some issues. I would assume this is because there’s been an enormous influx of new accounts, and thus a greater strain on the Fiverr staff.

I suppose while you’re waiting for a response, you can prepare whatever gigs you’re planning. Do you have good horizontal-orientation gig images? Do you already have a description for your service in mind, or better, written down? Do you already know some of what you’d like to charge for pricing?

I have a thread that covers a lot of things for reformatting existing gigs, but because it covers a lot of the basics, I’d be happy to share it if you’re interested.