Phone Verification Won't Work


Is anyone else having troubles with the phone verification? I’m trying to post my first gig, but it won’t even let me submit my phone number. The ‘Verify by SMS’ and ‘Verify by Call’ buttons are grey and not even attached to links (meaning I’m just clicking a picture). It sucks because I can’t move on from here! :frowning:

New to fiverr - phone verification

I’m having the same issue, very frustrating!


Anyone with this problem should contact Fiverr Customer Support at

This post on How to Submit a Ticket has more info if you need it:


I’m having the exact same thing. It’s also happening when I try to add another language to my profile. I can’t move forward to post a gig. I contacted customer support. Has anyone else had a reply from them saying what to do?


For some reason mine fixed itself when I tried again this morning, not sure what the problem was.


I’ll try again in 48 hrs since it’s telling me I tried too many times and must wait 48hrs to try again. Maybe it’ll fix itself by then. Thanks!


i’m having this problem too. is there any solution that can help me?


Anyone with this problem should contact Fiverr Customer Support at

This post on How to Submit a Ticket has more info if you need it:


I’ve been going back and forth with Fiverr support. They have not figured it out yet. If I do get anything back from them that works; I’ll make sure to post it here. I have not been successful thus far but I hope they can help.


Hello, I have the same problem and i can’t solve it …


hey friends i am having same problem here and this is really frustrating… anyone can help ?


Contact Customer Support.


I confirm Support is very helpful, and so fast.They solve my problem ( use Google Chrome for better work


its browser problem Use google chrome for submit any gigs.


same problem happened now they tell me to wait 48 hours i tried it in firefox and google chrom non sames to work

their support not helpfulfor this are they just want to restricty our accounts?


Completely flush out your browser cache, or use INCOGNITO browser to give it a shot on google chrome.

Ensure that you are NOT running any plugins. (INCOGNITO mode disables ALL plugins)


The feature is new, so it is taking some time to work it out. Support is doing their best. They are not trying to deliberately restrict your account unless your account violates the Terms of Service.


yes sir i did flush brower cache but i didnt used incognito the problem was the same


Wait 48 hours and try using incognito browser, then politely contact customer support on the SAME TICKET with your result.

Phone verification not working - Not able to input the code in boxes

yes sure will do thanks

also i heard some got it to work with internet explorer is that true?