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Phone verification

some of my friends saying they are getting updates to verify their mobile numbers. I didn’t get that yet. Anyone else got that notification of mobile number verification?

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Seems to be a common problem at the moment.

Please see this thread:

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I didn’t get it yet, but some others have. Perhaps we’ll all have to do it at some point?

I received an email from my SM at Fiverr who said that the feature will start rolling out and I should expect it within 2 weeks.

Yes everyone will have to do it, and anyone who won’t comply will lose the right to sell on Fiverr.

There will be a 30 day grace period.

The only users who are having trouble verifying their account so far are those who lie about their location.

So sad for them. :slight_smile:

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it means, that verification thing is genuine and we are going to get that update sooner or later :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s exactly what it means.


thier verification phone got bugged and not works to anyone if you have old account and asked to verify will get you in troubles that mean after 30 days that bug not fixed yet will get your account restricted

also that has nothing to do with locations fiverr allow to use landline phone number no need mobile

also this feature not available for all fiverr usersd just some

I assume from your location/English skills you are using a VPN service, hence your response to my location remark?

when you choose to verify via mobile phone, Fiverr automatically uses the area/country code, of your country. You cannot change that. So yeah, if you are a VPN user, and you choose mobile phone, you can’t do it.

Come to think of it, they also need a country code to call you via landline.

So… Not sure how this works for VPN users.

So you are saying that the feature does not work for ANYONE. OK. So where are ALL the forum posts about it?

Did you try it? Did it not work for you?

No one said the verification feature is out there for everyone, like all fiverr features, it’s being rolled-out gradually.

read this

Verifying Your Phone

    We continually work to 

improve the quality of the Fiverr marketplace. The security of your
account is important to us, and verifying our sellers through phone
verification is a standard measure to increase the level of account
security and trust.
Furthermore, as Fiverr is becoming a
primary service for millions of users, we are obliged to comply with
certain security regulations aiming at increasing the level of your
account’s security.
When creating your first Gig, you’ll
be prompted to verify your phone before your Gig can be published. If
you are an existing seller, you will be notified to verify your phone
through our site.
Note: This feature is not available to all users on Fiverr.

and as i said that has nothing to do with locations there a bug not solved to anyone

i dont use VPN no need to be stupid here

there a bug in fiverr verification all users cannot solve it yet

a) Yes, as in “it’s not available to everyone yet”

there’s very little point in securing some users and not all. Right?

B) watch your language. Participating on this forum means you need to show some basic respect towards others, no matter how much you disagree, or fail to understand what each user means.

yes not for all users and fiverr never said they will bring it to all fiverr users

as me im exesting user and asked to verify phone but there a bug never allow me to verify i asked to wait 48 hrs to attempt again now 48 hrs passed and they still tell me to wait 48 hrs

another glitch from fiverr i see people complaining since 1 march till now not solved

if they asked anyone to verify account that bug will lead you to get account stricted by fiverr

To be fair here, a few days ago someone had issues with the phone verification. He waited 48 hours and followed all the steps and it still wouldn’t go through. He contacted customer support and his issue was fixed within a few hours.

This is a new feature currently being rolled out, some users have been complaining about it not working properly.

We all know when a new feature is introduced it usually comes with bugs.

So with that being said, let’s not attack people here if we really don’t know what the true cause to his problem might be.

I am aware of 2 other threads here, that mentioned a bug.

Both users did get verified after CS was notified.

I never attacked anyone.

where did you found those threads that got solved that problem? all threads about verification problems not solved till now

Yes you are correct. It wasn’t directed at you specifically. I just wanted to leave a general reply since I was following the other thread as well.
Sorry if it came across that way.

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why i couldnt get the verificaion code? i do again and again but no code recieve by phone or by message ???

thank god i m verified

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so you have got the issue? :smiley:

well i think that is very very risky option, no need to use such tricks.,., it can be a massive problem when it comes to access such numbers in future.