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Phone veryfication


I made two gigs for the first time after sign up at At the last stage when it is going to be published them it comes the phone veryfication turn. I got the code through sms but I could not input it in the form due to not page responseness. My keyboard didn’t work when I type the 4 digit. I tried to test my Num lock, it was OK though I could not input my code. Then I tried to write it in a note pad and then copy paste it, though the Fiverr veryficcation form didn’t recognise it. Now it says your phone verification is failed. You have used your maximum trials. Alas! what can I do. If there any way to overcome it. 48 hours has expired since long despite it’s says the same. You must wait 48 hours for phone veryfication.
Please someone help me.


please check NUM lock of your keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell CS about this and they will fix it. And use the number keys above the “QWERTY” letters.


Thank nikspatel71191, for your nice response. But I have written in my article my number lock was open. and Ok.


Thank striderzero, I don’t know who is CS. Please would elaborate it.
Thank you once again.


Sign in and click Contact Customer Support.


CS means Customer Support.