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Phony Backlinks

This will be my third (out of three) bad experiences on Fiverr, and they have my money hostage and won’t refund. They just hold it as credit so yet another charlatan can either do a bad job, or not finish it at all.

I paid someone to create backlinks to my eBay store, and when I checked them, they were all fake websites! In other words, they are all blogs that he created. They are not websites with authority, which is the key to SEO. I knew something was wrong when my sales dipped in three consecutive months.

So I looked at the sites where he put the backlinks to my store, and several are dead. How is that of any use to me? Most of the other ones are personal blogs with only one entry, which of course, he created to make a back link.

Then I noticed he put a few in a Tumblr that has multiple topics, from jewelry to gardening to mutual funds. Who writes a blogs on wildly different topics? No one, except someone who is just creating a space to make a backlink.

That Tumblr basically represents every job he’s done, lol, he’s shameless! I contacted him when my traffic decreased instead of increased and he has not responded. I think I will have to report him, but Fiverr has been incredibly unaccommodating, so I don’t expect much.


If you could, describe the extent to which you vetted the Sellers you researched before selecting the one you worked with.

Also, if you don’t mind my asking, how much did the Seller charge?


Your problem started here.

Why? What did you expect? How many eBay stores do you think benefit from backlinks from high-authority websites?

In 99.99% of cases, it simply wouldn’t be appropriate to have high authority sites linking to a random eBay page. In this case, the likes of Google and eBay would (likely) flag such links as suspicious anyway.

I really find it shocking how many people still believe that buying backlinks, traffic, page views and whatever on Fiverr, will ever result in anything but disaster.

As for your seller, a blog which they have created is not a fake website. In fact, this is how every backlink seller sells backlinks. Also, you can not hold them to account for not supplying high authority backlinks if they don’t explicitly mention that they do.

What you have here is a clean cut case of "I shouldn’t have bought that-ism."

Sadly, neither Fiverr nor any seller on Fiverr, is bound to issue you a refund because of the failure of what is essentially your business strategy. That’s like buying a Skoda and complaining a week later because it’s not a Bugatti. In this case, you will just have to try and find a way to live with your past bad buying choices. - Sorry.


If I knew a lot about SEO, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF, wouldn’t I? So I hired someone who is a Level 2 seller with a lot of positive feedback.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. eBay is so highly trusted by Google, that its product pages also get the benefit of the doubt. This means that building backlinks to products with social theoretically has a greater impact than if you built your own website and tried to compete.

From what I understand Google’s algorithm for rank has to do with the combination of backlinks, social media engagement and user metrics.

Why not? A Valentino or Prada fashion blog could be backlinked to my store, and it would be appropriate. So would a blog about luxury bargain finds, and crystal collectors. Like I said, Google gives eBay the benefit of the doubt, so I don’t know why you’d say it would be suspicious. I mean, suspicious of WHAT?

When I Google the term “best sites to buy cheap name brand clothes online” (which is what I sell), the second result is an article from MarieClaire, and it references eBay. Are you going to try to tell me that MarieClaire isn’t high authority? Are you going to say that an exact reference to eBay is “inappropriate”?


WHY? Why would there be dozens of sellers with hundreds of good reviews if it it was such a numb-skull idea? How do you think people should optimize their websites? If there’s a secret I’m unaware of, I’d seriously like to know. You make a lot of wildly biased blanket statements but you don’t mention reasons or even offer anecdotes.

Are you f*** kidding me? You’re telling me someone creating blogs with no content but a paragraph written in broken English, still with the dummy text from the template, is an acceptable way to create a backlink? No. I am very ignorant of how all of this works, but I am not completely devoid of an understanding of how websites gain exposure. Creating a new website and pasting a link to my site is not the same as finding relevant websites and placing the backlinks where there were dead links. That was his job.

First of all, the blog would have had to exist BEFORE the task for that even to be valid. He made them especially to dump links to my site. That’s like shill bidding at an auction; getting someone who doesn’t intend to buy to bid up to raise the price, when they know they are not a legitimate customer.

That’s EXACTLY WHAT THE GIG WAS. Why else would I hire him to do it?

Here’s a description for your reading pleasure:

Title of the gig: **I Will Provide Ultimate Seo Service For High Google Rank**

In the description he states: “Here i will do manual back-links from high PR Authority websites. these are mix of no and do follow, anchored, some with text.”

Here’s a list of the methods he said he employed:

  • High PR Web Backlinks
  • High da pa Guest post
  • High pr Directory Submission
  • High Pr social bookmarking
  • Slide Link
  • Social Link etc
  • Free Indexing Service

It also states in the description: “You can use this Gig on any site like Youtube, Facebook, Wordpress, wix, Amazon, Product Pages,Twitter etc” which indicated to me that it was suitable.

Then there’s the part of the description that says, “★100% GUARANTEED RESULT★”

So, yes. He absolutely needs to be held accountable for the garbage he tried to pawn off on me. He did not do any of those things.

No. I am angry that this person did not do what I paid them to do and what they guaranteed to me in writing. What YOU have is a clean-cut case of victim-blaming to bolster your know-it-all image of yourself. You write with such an air of confidence, but you don’t ask questions and you don’t mention specifics. That’s a clean-cut case of trolling.

I see, it’s not that he didn’t do what he said he would do, cheat, or even complete the task, it’s my business strategy that’s flawed. No, I really don’t think so. He said 100% guarantee, and I will hold him to it. When he accepted the gig, he undertook an agreement, and he didn’t fulfill his end.

That’s not a valid comparison at all. With cars, you can touch, feel, and drive them. You can see how a car performs BEFORE you buy it. I had no way of knowing he was not going to honor the terms of the gig when I paid. I chose him on the fact that he’s a Level 2 seller with good feedback. You’re acting like I bought a bag of air, and how could I do something so OBVIOUSLY foolish!!!–I made an educated choice, he just didn’t do his work.

Oh, I don’t think so. Maybe you’ll find something better to do than to try to make some anon on the Internet feel bad because someone didn’t give them their due…and learn to live with the fact that your snark is weak and juvenile. I’ve seen you all throughout the forums trying to pick fights with perfect strangers, there must be dozens of threads. Sorry, LOL. You talk to me like a father scolding his kid for buying stolen Jordans, and you say, “Sorry”. A grown man with nothing better to do. I could think of a few things.

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He seems legitimate–he’s a Level 2 seller with many positive reviews. I carefully read what he was offering and he outlined his methods, and what said his gig guaranteed. I liked that he listed concrete examples of ways he builds authority for a site, so I chose him.

He described: “Here i will do manual back-links from high PR Authority websites. these are mix of no and do follow, anchored, some with text.”

He listed these methods:
High PR Web Backlinks
High da pa Guest post
High pr Directory Submission
High Pr social bookmarking
Slide Link
Social Link etc
Free Indexing Service

It seemed pretty comprehensive.

$55 for 10 backlinks.

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I am sorry you had a bad experience. Did you create a support ticket to ask for a refund to your original payment method?

I am sure they will be happy to issue one if you ask.


Yes, but they refused.

You could have done your homework BEFORE purchasing, and asked WHERE he posts the backlinks… Failing to do so, was irresponsible on your part.

Why y’all getting angry with the buyer when they come to the forums to express their frustration. :roll_eyes:

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No one’s mad… I am encouraging - researching before a purchase to avoid being unhappy… because at the end of the day, if the seller does what they say they will do in their gig description, and a buyer gets angry about it (because they had a different idea about how it should be done, based on assuming)… and winds up giving a negative review as a result… it can be a game changer for the seller, potentially lethal to their income – and in turn, lifestyle.

None of this should be taken lightly nowadays.

RESEARCH, ask questions BEFORE you buy… be a responsible shopper and person.

There are a lot of jerks here. It’s a Rants Forum. They’re all acting like I did something insanely stupid, when this charlatan ripped me off. He didn’t deliver the gig as described, and he thought I was too dumb to check where he posted the links. He’s not getting away with it.

I think maybe you have reading comprehension issues. This was the list:

High PR Web Backlinks
High da pa Guest post
High pr Directory Submission
High Pr social bookmarking
Slide Link
Social Link etc
Free Indexing Service

I don’t see what was so irresponsible of me. He is a Level 2 seller, has many good reviews and a 100% guaranteed result clause. And as above, he listed the ways in which he works.

How can he have known where he was going to put them before I provided the keywords and my actual website?

You all just want to act superior. I am not a computer person, I find it mundane and stifling. I find and curate luxury items. I sell them. That’s what I do. I came here to find someone to help me. THAT’S THE POINT. If I knew all the ins and outs like you’re acting that I should, I could have done this myself. It’s not my fault someone cheated me.

That’s like when you blame someone for being violated or robbed, “Well, you left your back door open. It was irresponsible of you”. That really doesn’t matter–it’s the perpetrator’s fault.

He didn’t do what he said, though. He did not produce the results he 100% guarantees. That I figured out that he just made up a bunch of fake sites at the last minute (yes, the order was late) and pasted some links there indicates that he did not do the job. It means he BS’ed it because I asked him why it wasn’t delivered on the date he promised that he be finished. Regardless of his method, he guaranteed results, and my traffic didn’t increase, it decreased. I cant blame him for the decrease, but he guaranteed an increase and he failed to deliver.

Oh, he absolutely will suffer consequences for what he did. It’s not like he made a mockup I didn’t like or gave me a haircut that I didn’t envision. He didn’t do what he said AT ALL. Do you think I care what methods he used if my traffic increased? Of course not. But that’s not what happened. And he needs to be held accountable.

What research would you have had me done, really? Stalk the users who left good reviews and interview them? Or ask him to explain to me a repeat of the very clear and specific description of the job? Honestly, what would YOU have done so differently?

I chose a Level 2 seller with 5 star feedback and a detailed description of the gig. I don’t know what else I could have done. I had no way of knowing he wasn’t going to do the job I paid him for, and it’s not my fault.

Even if someone is totally naive and someone wrongs them, they don’t deserve to be duped or cheated. This “they-had-it-coming” attitude some of you people have is gross.

Please do not make veiled threats on this forum.

This is the Ranting Pot and you had a rant. I haven’t read all of the scenario and I’m only going to give general feedback. I’m not going to participate in the thread except to say that as a buyer, there are 2 types of penalties that are already available to you. They are:

  • Requesting a cancelation and if that fails, requesting a Customer Support driven cancelation
  • Leaving a negative review

If you already exercised your ability to do one of those things, the only remaining thing you can do is to report the seller to Customer Support for false advertising. You’ve stated your concerns here and others responded since this is a discussion forum. Good luck. :four_leaf_clover:


This post might be of interest: A few tips for hiring a marketing consultant

I know this topic is closed but wanted to respond to this as it is a common issue.

I do feel for you - what they described is attractive.
However, to get ONE high DA PA Guest post with stats of even DA 30 PA 10 would generally cost $200+. People with sites who are prepared to sell guest post links know what the market charges.
In this case, unless you have an excellent piece of content or a genuinely unique product then the chances of getting a link added to one of these through sweet talking or other means is just unrealistic.

It is a reality that many backlink buyers simply do not know what they are buying. This leads to buyers leaving reviews and not checking what was actually done which is why many sellers have lots of reviews.

If you are assessing someone who says they will do what it is you actually want, namely for them to go and approach site on your behalf to get a genuine backlink, I would suggest that you consider buying links for a site you have that you do not care about or something like a Google help page etc. Something that won’t be affected by bad links.

Do be aware that buying ANY links is considered Black Hat SEO which has its risks. It does not matter if the seller says differently (and black hat is a subjective and invented term, not industry standard, so you can’t really claim a refund on that point), if they pay for links then it is black hat.

From what you describe I agree with you that they did not deliver what was promised. I would suggest testing the sites for their DA and PA and complaining to Fiverr on that basis, rather than being general about it. Be concise, show the facts, this generally works best.