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Photo retouch/manipulation and audio transcription services! Help me save money for college :D


I am a near-18-year-old high school senior that is planning to attend university in about a year and I have created a fiverr account in hopes to gain a little bit of extra cash to put into my savings account throughout the summer and the coming school year.

I currently have two gigs, and am in the process of making a third:

  1. I provide audio-to-paper transcription services for English audio clips here

  2. Using Adobe Photoshop, I provide basic photo retouch and editing services here

NOTE: while the changes in the examples I give for my retouch gig may appear rather minor, I believe there is a real benefit to subtlety. I specialize in the small changes because I don’t want to be making a completely new person – I want to boost the confidence of the person being edited by enhancing their natural beauty and minimizing clutter and blemishes.

That being said, it is also important to note that my retouch gig is NOT just for photos of people, but for scenes of nature and animals as well. I can color balance, shape enhance, etc. and I can remove small objects from most scenes given a workable image. Just send a request and I’ll do my best for you!

My THIRD gig in the works is a more fun photoshop / editing gig where I will kind of do whatever is asked – it is not strictly retouch like my aforementioned gig. So be on the lookout for that one!

I hope that I am able to provide you with the services you long for or require! Please make sure to check out my gig(s) whenever you get the chance! I would love a customer :smiley:

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