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Photo retouching file formats... Why does psd sometimes cost more?

Hello, I am a new buyer to fiverr and new to hiring photoshop professionals… I would like to understand why most sellers offer finished product in jpg or png for prices lower than they offer in format psd. Why is this? If the file must be first saved in psd and then converted to either jpg or png format, as i understand, there would be no additional work required to save the image in this format… I would appreciate understanding why there is this price difference - possibly due to reasons that I do not understand as I am not a photoshop professional… Thanks

It would be like a carpenter giving you all the tools he used to make a piece of furniture. along with the furniture itself.

Because a psd file gives you the option to retouch, redo, modify… the image without any quality loss. In a psd you get the layers used to make the image, so you can easily change the background, colors, etc.

JPG, PNG, … are compressed formats, and when you manipulate them and save again, you loose quality (the image gets pixelated).

So this way if you need changes at a later time, you will come back to them and buy another gig.

It’s pretty common, nothing unusual.

p.s - by the way, some graphich designers do include the psd files in their gig, just have to search for them.