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Photography services, cheap on fiverr, very expensive on other stock photo websites


I am disappointed, I offer photography services here on fiverr for a low price. However, 5$ includes 5 HQ photos.

I believe some buyers dont realize the awesomeness of this price.<br /> <br /> I also sell my photographs on different stock photography websites, just ONE photo with a full licence for commercial use will be 500$ or even more on these specific websites. And my photos sell there without a problem.<br /> The only reason I offer my service here on fiverr as well, is because I like what I do, I take photographs all day long anyway,its my favorite playtime, so why not have more of it.

I received a 4 stars and a half review for my last job, I offered many photos for not more than 20$.

Just one photo from that set was recently sold on a stock photography website for 80$. Just ONE photo.I will not tell the name of that website, I know I am not allowed to do this and I understand.

What I want to say is that you should appreciate these kind of services, if I or somebody else from fiverr will give up working here( I am talking about photographers), you will regret, you, the buyer will regret eventually. Because awesome photos are very expensive and you are really lucky to find good photographers here.

I am talking about professional photos, not about random “hold your sign” photos etc.

So appreciate our work, go check out other stock photography websites before placing your order here on fiverr.

See the prices please, there and here, and make the difference.

A 5 stars rating will make us happy because photographers usually are photographers because they love this job.

We give you a set of photos for just a few $ because we want you to be happy with our work, a work that we LOVE, we give you a set of photos that we can easily sell on other websites for thousands of $.

So what we do here is not a sell, its rather a SHARE for a tip.<br /> <br /> Appreciate this because if we will have enough and we will give up "working" here, you will copy images from google, illegally. You will go on stock photography websites and you will regret that you didnt know to keep us.

I know I am kind of sentimental, but well, I know I am right.


I’m sorry your buyer didn’t appreciate the quality of your work, maybe they accidentally left 4 1/2 stars instead of 5 stars. You could ask them why they left 4 1/2 stars instead of 5 stars. If you ask politely they might change their mind or correct their mistake. I’m glad to see photographers on the site as I know how much subscribing to photostock websites is. Your gig looks great and I’m sure will pick up and be appreciated by many.




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