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Photos of Fiverr Party in New York City with Fiverr Staff


Although these photos came out dark (very little lighting at Acme tonight), It was cool of the Fiverr staff from Tel Aviv to come all the way to NY City tonight. Thanks for the Fiverr T-Shirts and bags. Food, drink, music and just networking with other Fiverr members.

I made good connections tonight.

More photos coming!



Thanks for posting. What a great time in NYC last night. So many new friends. So glad to be a part of the tremendous Fiverr community!


Hey Bruce, thanks for posting these photos. It was a great event! So glad to meet fellow sellers, share some experience and learn something new! And yes, the music was great!


I got invited, but sadly. I could not attend due to personal obligations. sigh. Glad it went well, though!


Reply to @creativeglobal: Thanks. Hey, did we meet last night? I am trying to think back at all the Fiverr usernames I collected.


Hey, it’s our sheriff! 3rd photo, I think.


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Yes it is!


Here are a couple of shots. I wished I had taken more, but I was having so much fun meeting everybody! oh well…there’s always next time!


It looks like I posted the same shot three times. I din’t think I did it right the first two times. Anyway…is there a way for me to take down the two redundant photos?


Reply to @hotwebideas: Yes, we actually met that night, so nice to talk to you! Got your business card :slight_smile:




Nice. Hope to meet you guys someday :slight_smile:


Does anyone know how to contact the man who (I think) was the “official” photographer that night?