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Photoshop Editing on Fiverr have no buyer requests

For six months in a row or more, buyer requests have not been coming to the Photoshop Editing category. Do people in the Photoshop Editing category stop working? Because I have seen in this category sometimes one or two buyer requests come. What’s the problem? Why is this happening with sellers of photoshop editing category? You have separated all the categories. Well, that’s a good thing, but our category in which people used to do normal Photoshop editing, their buyer requests do not come at all. Which used to come in thousands. I also contacted the support team but I was not given a satisfactory answer. Please resolve this issue so that we can find a solution to the most pressing problem we are facing. Whenever we go to the Photoshop category, there are no buyer requests, which makes us very sad and anxious.


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hey sorry about that, recently fiverr made some necessary changes to almost all gigs categories due to some reasons,this changes also affected and altered buyers’ request.So look for the COMPLETE new categories in which your gig belongs and then do the needful… if otherwise…contact fiverr again with clearer explanation.


I’m a web content writer.

I check the BRs every so often to see how little some Buyers are willing to pay writers.

Normally there are no more than 4 or 5 new BRs a day.

So…your category is obviously not one that pulls a lot of BRs.

Same with my category.


Didn’t you think that if there is no BR then there is just not enough buyers asking for that service.
No demand no buyer requests :woman_shrugging: It’s not fiverr who is randomly generating buyer requests for you, it’s real people who decide to buy or no to buy that service.

Photoshop editing is also a dying category. A lot of businesses and people do that nowadays themselves. Why would you pay someone if you can edit photos yourself on your phone in 30 sec?
There is only a specific niche of people left who will use your services and waaaaay more sellers who provide photoshop editing services


photoshop editing category have good buyers before 6 months. i am working on Fiverr since 2016.

it’s a general category of photoshop editing in this category we can give these services but there is no separate category for it.

The list of my Adobe photoshop Editing

Professional image retouching
Teeth Whiting
Removing and changing Backgrounds
Portrait retouching
Profile Picture editing
Adding objects to any image
Removing Wrinkles and blemishes
changing Colors in images
Adjusting colors in lightroom
Color grading and white balancing
realistic Face Sweeping
image manipulation
Black and white to color image
Old image restoration

how can we separate this category?

in my observation, you don’t aware of this category