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Photoshop Editing Recomendations

Hi there

Mods please delete if not allowed. Apologies in advance.

Was wanting recommendations on anyone who could edit the following images. Want to remove the BROOKLYN text on the hat and THUG LIFE tattoo over the stomach and replace it with the name of our group using the same font/style.

Have much larger images. These are just examples.


Have no idea what skills or skill levels I need from creators. Editing, design, retouching??? All over my head unfortunately. Only thing I do have are instructions, ideas and Paypal!

Thank you


I can’t see your image but based on what you’re asking you need to consult with someone who specializes in photo editing and manipulation.

You need a Photoshop expert, Beside search option in you also can use Buyer request.

picture is not visible.

try searching for a particular gig.

or just message me to have a look