Photoshop "experts" keep lying to get hired


I’ve been trying for a week now and 18 dollars spent on useless photoshop recreations of this image jpg

The best I’ve gotten so far is this after I felt bad for the guy trying so hard to replicate the first picture, he offered to do so with no problem but then I got stressed and received this job.

The big problem is that they just show you free samples of previous works, what I need is at least a quick sample of the quality of this specific job. When they want to get hired they are so polite and technically beg you and promise you the world but once you pay they just keep pushing you and saying I have other costumers, and mark the order as ready when I didnt even finish my request.
Does anyone know what kind of editing is this? like, what should I ask for because I tell them to replicate the image with a different character (wolf) but they just dont replicate the same quality.


There are some incredibly great photoshop experts here but they are in demand.
It may be more than $5. Get a top rated seller with 10,000 5 star reviews and lots of clients in his queue.


I’m not sure why you can expect a quick sample for work of this nature. It’s asking a lot.
Especially if you are only paying $5. Get the best person then ask him in advance how much. I know a bunch of amazing artists on here who can do this.


Here is another poor job.

And no, Im not offering 5 dollars anymore. I am offering 15, To be honest Im not asking for much, just some shadowing and a basic face design, the rest is just a hat, a glasses, and a hoodie.


What are you trying to do specifically with the image?


He wants a different cartoon character for the face. It’s something a good photoshop expert can do well. There are several who can do a great job here but they are top rated sellers who probably have 30 people in their queue and will take a couple days at least.


Just asked a couple that charge like 15 and 25 dollars, they scratch their heads wondering what I want when I clearly said, the same image, the same textures, the same style, just with a different face, wolf face.


Like a specific wolf face or just a cartoon wolf that someone makes up?


They arent the right ones. Did you ask any top rated ones who have lots of buyers in their queue?


Part of the problem is that they would need to copy a face from some place.

If you could find the face you want it would help. Otherwise you are asking for a copyright violation.


That’s why I ask them to draw the wolf themselves from their imagination. Like, imagining a wolf and turn it into cartoonish looking face. Is annoying that they say “I will design anything you want” then take the job and dont know what else to do, Im not the artist, I gave you the idea, I gave you a sample, the rest comes from your side.

My 3rd gigs for for sell

well my friend…
what you are looking for is a professional Vectorization,a vector art.
you can resize the image infinitely and 100% exactly as the image you send.
so, do you want replicate the image: hat, cloth,chain,etc.
with a different character: wolf


Honestly, for the first image I thought it was a dog. :frowning:

The second pic a copy & paste job (Looney Tunes) Sylvester the cat. Hm, interesting!


So you really want two separate gigs: a drawing of a face, and some photoshop work.


Well, now I’ve been scammed, I asked to create the cat with a serious look but they just crop it and paste it.


@oscar_98 Wow… It’s a blatant copyright infringement on the seller’s part. Drawing a “serious looking cat” that is copyrighted, tells me he is not serious about his craft. You should definitely notify Customer Support.


I don’t want to get anyone in legal trouble for just 5 bucks.
I am just ranting about false promises in general.


some buyers so…


It appears that perhaps a Photoshop gig is not the appropriate category that you are searching for compared to what you are envisioning. Considering that you have also taken someone’s work, the body, and calling it your own by replacing the head. How does that make you any different from the seller snagging artwork off the web? Maybe starting from scratch would be the best approach with the original image a concept design to give the seller a starting point.

To get the results of what you want, you may want to take a look at some character drawing gigs or similar. Take a look through their styles and previous work for samples. I believe you might have more success going that route. Also, take into account the advice from the above recommendations, the fair gig fee and highly ranked and reviewed sellers.



Well I already got the face of the wolf made by an artist. Who can convert this into same metallic, shadowish looking? photoshop? vectorization? 3d modeling?

Oh and btw, this is not for commercial use, it is just for my profile picture.