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Photoshop experts need to give free samples


To those in the area of editing and illustration, I hope you realize that few people will order your services just by looking at your portfolio, you need to do some free samples of how the final work of the specific costumer will look like before ordering, specially if you only offer 1 revision and charge 30 dollars.


Services are relatively inexpensive here and sales are never guarunteed so you’d be hard pressed to find an experienced seller willing to provide free samples. You might be able to find free samples from newer sellers trying to build up their position, but even then, that’s a big maybe and shouldn’t be an expectation.

If you’re worried about throwing down money on a higher base price like 30 dollars, perhaps you can negotiate a custom ‘sample’ order from the seller that includes a very rough sketch/prototype for $5-10.

Free samples are insulting and demanding them like we owe it to you is worse.

I could understand if my services were hundreds of dollars and part of my business was doing samples for clients because it would actually leave me with some ROI, but here on Fiverr the ROI on free samples for sellers is typically zero or negative.


Hi @oscar_98 I am a seller and a buyer in Fiverr.
I’ve never asked for free samples to my sellers :confused: I would rather do as @leahemme said.
If you want to order from people who charge $30… well that’s your prerogative, but the words “you need to…” I believe are not necessary.
I waste a lot of time in finding sellers who offer a good price for excellent services, but at the end when you buy, you can decide to buy or to move on.
Making pressure on sellers because you want to pay less for their service will just make you waste more time…


@oscar_98: I disagree.

If you want samples order a $5 gig. If the seller doesn’t have a $5 gig, then ask him to send you a custom offer for $5 sample.

You get to sample a small portion of wedding cake because you’re spending thousands. Here you’re spending on average of $10.


For a seller to create a “sample” of the deliverable means they need to spend time in doing the work you require. But if we talk for a big order this means that the sellers needs to offer a “sample” of the final product (let’s say they quote $30) at a fraction of the cost…and how are they guranteed that the seller will not run with the final product that they only paid $5 for?
The best solution is to ask the seller for previous samples (with permission from their buyers) so that you get a feeling of their skills and competency.
Just my 2 cents