Photoshop for Interior Design Photos


I’m looking for somebody to photoshop interior design photos that were taken over a 30 year period for a new website that I’ve hired somebody to do locally. Another designer suggested that it would be more cost effective to come here. Some photos are scans of 8 x 10’s from many years ago, some are snapshots that I took while projects were in progress with a camera and some are from my iPhone. Newer projects have been done professionally, but I’d like to make my previous work come to life. Is there anybody here that specializes in interiors?


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Can you pm an example of the type and quality of the images you need retouched?

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for responding. Here are some older photos that were once actual photographs. The negatives are gone as as the actual pix. I’ll also attach some new photos that I want somebody to take a look at. If you think you can make them look better I’ll send many your way. Thanks, Kevin


My website designer told me to request layered PSD working files and PNG


Hi @fishfly3

Could you please tell me what you exactly want with these photos.May be I can help.

Thanks :slight_smile: