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Photoshop Gig Packages - number of images question


I’m new here and have set up my first gig, but I have a question regarding the # of images section under Scope & Pricing (not to be confused with uploading images to the gallery).

In the dropdown under Basic/Standard/Premium, it only gives me the option to have 1-10 or unlimited images. But after doing a bit of searching around, it seems other sellers have been able to choose 25-40 images for their Standard/Premium packages, but I don’t see this option anywhere.

I feel that this would have an impact as clients would probably want more than a batch of 10 as a Premium. Is there possibly something I have skipped over while reading, such as a limitation for new sellers?


You’re a new seller, so you have fewer options than leveled sellers.

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I suggest starting with a maximum of 10. I don’t think quantity is as important as the quality of your work. If people can tell by your gig images you do top quality work that is what they are looking for.

They can start with 10 or less and from there choose to get more from you if you do excellent work.