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Photoshop manipulation, retouching, effects and filter

#Here are my photoshop services in brief
Background Removing/changing (Transparent Background) - $5
Basic Photo Retouching & Enhancing - $5
-Removing wrinkles and blemishes,Improve complexion,Whiten teeth,Slim Body($5 per each work)
Color Changing- $5
Merging Photos - $5
Photos/Images Re sizing - $5
Editing Your any documents(Not legal document) - $5
Adjust lighting/contrast - $5
Photo manipulation (Swap Heads) -$5
Remove Objects from Picture -$5

Professional image editing and enhancing: Background removal- white/ transparent/ change bg, Enhance/ adjust color, contrast, lighting, resize/ crop, effects adding

#Advanced portrait retouching/ beautifying:
Face, skin & body: creating perfect looking skin, removing skin/lip wrinkles, bags under eyes, crow’s feet, marks, blemishes, eye bags, improve skin complexion/ makeup, whiten teeth, body slimming, reshaping, reduce fat on body parts etc…

If you want something untraditional, write me a message. Probably I can help you, but I would like to discuss it first. I reply promptly.

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