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Photoshop Mega Collection


hello every body

i offer great gig

it takes alot of work

see my gallery here

by ordering my gig ,i will do photoshop mega collection for your photo ( or your company logo )

it will be like a huge gallery for you

my gig
contact me any time



Hi and welcome!

If you want to make some sales on Fiverr, you need to start by fixing your grammar and spelling in your bio profile. Buyers won’t have much confidence in you after reading your profile.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


thx voiceoverwork

ya i know that my english is bad

my mother language is arabic

i will do my best to improve my english

Good luke for you too



No problem. I can’t speak Arabic!

For now just go with…

“I am Ali Elkelany from Egypt. Since 2007, I am a Photoshop designer. I can turn you photo into a poster, create a Facebook cover, or add a variety of effects. Please contact me to discuss your needs. Thanks!”


I have a question. How can I add my question?

Jos van Doorn


Reply to @voiceoverwork:


you are the best



I think you just answered your own question.



your question about my gig ???

you can ask any questions here or start new discussion