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Photoshop (retouch, banner) & Social Media (promotion, managing)!

Hi there, I joined Fiverr a few days ago and have yet to make a sale. I hope that by advertising here I can hopefully have some luck! A little about me… I am a model, blogger, graphic designer, and photographer. I have a lot of influence on social media and am interested in marketing. I also hope to help individuals with the organization and appearance of their social media/business/site in order to improve their influence.

My gigs:

  • Graphic Design
  1. Retouching!
  2. Banners/cover photos!
  3. Flyers and posters!
  4. Logos!
  • Marketing
  1. Create and/or manage social media!
  2. Reviews!
  3. Promotion!

I hope everyone will at least view my gigs and possibly purchase!