Photoshop users


Hello guys… I am doing Photoshop editing on Fiverr. I would like to know the other members who does Photoshop editing…


I use photohop :slight_smile: sometime I combine it with corel and adobe illustrator. :smiley:


Adobe Photoshop CS6… :slight_smile:


I use(d) PS for my photography when I had better eyesight but not much anymore :o(


Adobe Illustrator is the best!


I use Paintshop Pro but don’t sell anything via Fiverr. My work just isn’t good enough.


Reply to aingham69: I still have many photographer aquaintances and one in particular outsources her editing. When I joined Fiverra year ago she wanted to know what the site was all about so I gave her the link. She started using someone on this site for her PS editing for her “professional” photos. At first she used tucia but they jacked their prices up over the years so fiverr was her best option. Luckily for her she found someone who was good at what he did. I am not sure if she still uses him though or moved on to someone else or another outsourcing site.


I use Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, with a sprinkle of Fireworks. CS5.5 here.


i use photoshop and illustrator for logos, posters, presskits, postcards, memes, banners…and whatever else. i use CS5 because it’s very user friendly to me.


I’m an user of Photoshop CS5 and i love it!

I use it to do photomanipulations and photo editing. =)


I am a full time designer, so yes, CS6 all the way :slight_smile:


The Adobe Suite is my friend :slight_smile:


I also use Adobe Photoshop cs6 for editing images which I draw to give them a professional touch.Coloring images works awesome for me.


Oh man, I hate gimp.

Anyways, I use Photoshop too and I love to photoshop my photos all the time, I just photoshopped my graduation photo. I snuck in some virtual highlights and I did a virtual eyebrow tweeze because I had stray hairs. XD…

I also use a Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet for my art c: They’re really awesome, anyone else here use a tablet?


I am using many Adobe products, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, and Dreamweaver :slight_smile: since I’m a full time graphic designer, video editor and web designer. I’m impressed with their performance and quality :-bd


Im using photoshop CS5


I’m all about paint shop pro! Never could get photoshop or afford it :stuck_out_tongue: but I take some pretty damn good photos if I may say so…check out my photography gig to see for yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like so many people using Photoshop here on Fiverr. Nice to hear that. :slight_smile:


I use Ps cs3 most of the time…


I like Paint Shop Pro. It is very popular, although not as popular as Photoshop, but it is just as good.