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Photoshop work and translation gigs


Hey !

I’m a French student in AFL ( Applied Foreign Languages ), I study economics, HR, English ( business and casual ), and Spanish ( business and casual ), plus I learn Photoshop everyday. I recently started to post gigs on Fiverr.

I can :

  • Translate texts from English to French ( and French to English as well ) : 800 words in 2 days for 5$
  • Translate texts from Spanish to French : 600 words in 2 days for 5$
  • Do Photoshop work : resizing, cropping, background/object removing… : 20 pics in 1 day for 5$

I’m used to doing that kind of stuff at school. I never use any kind of online translator when I translate texts, and I always re-read my texts so that I’m sure there are no mistakes on them !

Still here ? Go buy my gigs :


French <-> English translation

Spanish to French translation

Cheers !