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Photoshoping a Bank Statement

What would you do if some buyer asks you to forge his bank statement using Photoshop ? I know it’s totally wrong to assist someone in fraudulent attempt. Can there be a disclaimer agreement between the buyer and seller if he claims that this editing is meant just to be a troll for some of his friend. Obviously , seller can’t trust whatever buyer is saying.

You will be helping in the commission of a crime so naturally say no to the request. You could go to jail along with the buyer.

It’s not only wrong, it’s a crime. Why would you even need to ask if you can do this?

You cannot be protected by a disclaimer from being guilty of committing a crime. You are still guilty. People go to jail for changing a bank statement.


I already send ‘No’ despite being offered 250$ , I just asked this question to gather some information regarding this because it is first time that I got such request. Thanks for your reply.

Nothing screams criminal fraud more than being offered $250 to forge a bank statement. :wink:


I’m with the sentiment on this - there are some major moral and legal issues here. there was a website in the UK (before the financial crisis) that offered payslips, bank statements, etc and tried to cover themselves with a disclaimer that they were for ‘novelty uses only.’ They have been shut down.


Uhhh pretty sure you could go to jail for that lol


Yeah, I’d do my best to avoid that. One customer wanted to pay me 5$ for some extremely racist crap once, I denied him in 2 seconds flat. I had to cancel the order with Customer Support because he just popped in and started an order, asking for something you’d expect from some troll forum.