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Physical Art Gigs Here on Fiverr

I really like drawing on paper and I just can’t get the touch of digital painting/drawing, but I’d love to be able to sell a gig here on Fiverr where I draw portraits for my clients but I don’t know how much I would price it for or how it would work if I were to ship out the final product. I was just wondering if any of you had any experience with this and would be able to point me in any sort of direction.

I remember a topic from @jonbaas about how he would have to charge hundreds of dollars and the timeframe may not be realistic and I resonate with his feelings/concerns. I don’t want anybody to feel like he or she is being overcharged but, in reality, some of the colored pencil portraits I have worked on-- while they aren’t anything that’s perfect-- take weeks to be able to finish. By any chance does anybody on the forum have experience with this or gigs like this? Thank you!


I do a gig where I draw on watercolour paper in pen and ink. I then photograph and upload to the buyer. Some buyers ask me to post the original so I just charge extra for shipping.


Maybe @zeus777 will have some advice for you Braden. Good luck with your new adventure.

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Hmmm, I’ve been going illustration gig for a while, but I haven’t worked on “physical” art gigs.

What about working on “spot” drawings? I’ve seen people working on those at comic conventions. They draw on small cards (like an index card size) and I saw one lady selling her stuff for $10 at SDCC in watercolor. I stood there watching, and since the images were so simple, it took her maybe 10 minutes or so to finish.
They were not that detailed of course, but they looked very nice.
It looked something like this, but smaller with color added:

So start with something small and simple, and once you start getting more buyers, maybe you can start drawing bigger images too and charge more??


Thank you, Zeus! I’ll try to keep that in mind. I may just keep going at digital art to see if I can get the hang of that to the point where I feel confident enough to sell it-- I’m really not sure. I just wanted to see if anybody had any information that may help if I do end up selling my art. Thanks again.

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Thank you, Vickie! (20 chars)

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If you don’t mind me asking, do you ship it framed or do you just send it over as is?

No i don’t frame