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Physical shipping


There is time when I need an advice. That is just for the probable future, to know what to do when something will go wrong.

If I want to deliver orders by mail also, how am I to complete order? Do I have to choose “deliver now” right after I send the mail (then what actually I have to put to the delivery online?), or do I have to wait something (probably when the mail has must be delivered already)?
Also, if I provide png (etc.) file and physical shipping is an extra, so when I have my work with png done but the shipping not yet (moreover, if I’ll not be able to deliver order by mail) how am I to complete the order with only sending this png file and remove the physical shipping option?
How this works?
Will this order will be fully uncompleted if I’ll deliver only the png file but no physical shipping, or otherwise how could I remove requests for some extras like physical shipping and then the order will be completed and payed for the done work?


Use the Deliver now button. Asking mail from your buyer is against ToS.


I think that is about Email.
And if I provide physical shipping I just have to know the mail (shipping address) to deliver the work.


You should not deliver your work with anything outside Fiverr. It is against ToS.
You can deliver everything from Fiverr. It will be safe for you and your account and recommended.
However, if you must want to deliver your work VIA email, then do it at your own risk and click deliver now, type a thank you message, send it. (not recommended)
and about the physical shipping, do the same process,(click deliver now, type a thank you message, send it.) when you are done with delivering your project.


I am talking about physical shipping, not Email.


Sorry, I was typing after a half post… :smiley:


For physical shipping, You can hit the deliver now button, then attach the screenshot or any information of shipping details, and wait for your buyer to accept it.



as @jelsinardaooo said hit the deliver now button and the buyer will accept the delivery when they receive the shipment and everyone is smiling :slight_smile:


:laughing::grimacing: Exactly, Both side happy ending.


And what about if I done part of work that is the main work (for example, png file) and can’t do the extra physical shipping that is already requested by buyer along witht he main order? Can a seller remove the extra from the order and complete just tha main work and so get paid for it, or this can only be rejected altogether?


You discuss that with the buyer and come into an agreement. If you offered physical shipment part of the service then you should deliver, and if the service doesn’t require physical shipment or you have included by mistake then talk to the buyer and see what they say.


So have a buyer ability to remove something from the request of the order?


I am not I fully understand the problem, are you saying that buyer requested a gig that can be delivered online and somehow you ticked physical shipment or physical shipment is part of the service? Either way just talk to the buyer and discuss with them.


Also buyers don’t reply to messages sometimes, so won’t provide their shipping address in time. Then what you are able to do if your main work is done but you can ship it by mail even if you wanted to?


Yes, something like that. Physical shipping added for an extra. So if I had that problem, moreover if buyer won’t answere in time and won’t tell the shipping address, how to make the order completed?


If your buyer doesn’t respond in time, you can do your part, by delivering the png files via deliver now button and leave a note to let your buyer know that you will do the shipping service once they provide their shipping address.
The order will be marked as completed after 3 days. Your part is over, Now be ready to ship whenever your buyer provides the shipping address.


Then send the work by clicking the deliver now button and wait for the buyer to approve and if they do not approve, it will be automatically approved after 3 days. If there is a problem the buyer will tell you… or reject the work.


But that’s the thing, if I did my work, sended png file as I have to and buyer can download this file and don’t pay anything?


why is that? once you submit using deliver now, the system considers you have completed the order and it is up to the buyer to approve or reject and the buyer will be able to download, why wouldn’t he or she? besides png is an image file, why would you want to send it by physical shipment, is this mean you will send usb or Cd with the file? what would you do that in this age of google drives and clouds and attachments ??


It is not a case that can happen here on Fiverr. You will get your payment once it is marked as completed. But if your buyer keeps on hitting the modify button and you get a rejected notification, you can clarify them via inbox. But that is uncertain Since he can provide the shipping details in spite of doing so.