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***πŸ“š Physics and Mathematics Tutoring πŸ“š***

Hello community, I am new here. I am an 18 year old male who lives in Australia and attends Monash University. I acheved an ATAR of 95.05 last year, the equivalent of a 1360 on SATs. I enjoy mathematics and physical sciences and one day hope to apply my comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter to the real world. For individuals who would like to receive help from another person on mathematics or physics, please note the following:

  • I accept refunds (I am not savvy as to how it works yet)

  • I do not spoonfeed you with answers. Instead, I try to make you understand the content so that you can apply formulae off by heart and develop an appreciation of the subject matter.

  • Prices will fluctate depending on availability and demand. Once I get my first order, I might tweak the gig if it is not practical.

It would be highly appreciative if anyone here gives me their opinion on this gig as well as some constructive criticism (NOTE: PERSONAL ATTACKS ARE AGAINST TOS AND WILL BE FLAGGED!). Likewise, does fiverr offer live video in the case that someone chooses the live video gig extra? (Is allowing buyers to use messenger as a platform allowed or strictly prohibited?

If possible, I would also appreciate it if someone could help promote this gig.
All the best for everyone else and happy buying :hugs:

β€˜Sometimes you have to walk backwards to move forwards.’

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Hi there!

If I were you I’d take the references to Skype and FB out of your gig description etc., also your real name - Fiverr is an anonymous platform. If you want to use Skype, you’ll need to ask the express permission of CS so they can say whether you’re allowed to use it or not.

I’d also remove the info about your personal scores etc. out - I taught Maths for many years in the UK, but the numbers you’ve given mean nothing to me, although obviously they’re important in Australia! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck on Fiverr, and good luck with your degree! :sunny:


Welcome. Agree with @offlinehelpers . Suggest you check out the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so you know the rules as to how Fiverr works.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, will leave that out.

I thought that something was a miss there. Thank you very much!

That seems to be the case. Everyone advertising as tutors usually mention their scores and/or are always asked about them when they tutor someone (only for β€˜VCE’ tutoring). It seems to have signifcantly less weight after you receive them. Thanks again :+1:

And good luck on being a top/pro seller.

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