Physics in Fiverr


Hi guys,
Being a student of Physics I want to know how can I use Physics here to get earning? Any one suggest.



Make gig for as Physics tutor or Teacher in fiverr


On existing account?


You can’t have more than one account. It’s forbidden by Terms of Service, and would get all of your accounts banned.

Make sure to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service thoroughly, so you know what’s allowed and what isn’t.


You keep asking about using another account, your sister’s account, etc. You seem to be searching for a way to exploit the process. I think perhaps you would be best off to close your sister’s account before you get into trouble. Just open an account of your own.

You can then sell your services with your username, your payment source and your own ID. Contact Customer Support and they can help you create your own account.


I have changed my description on my account. You can check that. And I’m not going to create any new account. On existing one can use Physics in any ways?


You can offer any service you like, as long as it’s not forbidden by Terms of Service.

You’d do well to listen to what @fonthaunt said, though.


I would be really careful with the gigs you want to offer. You seem to be bouncing all over the place. I see you offer T-shirt design but now you are talking about Physics.

One of the Fiverr Ambassadors recently posted a thread which might help: