Pick One: Cancel or Negative Review


One of my client purchased an order cost $180 and it took me about 10 hours to completed.

I delivered his order, then he said this is not his expectation and want a full refund.
At first I decline his refund and explained to him my time and work spent on the order but of course he don’t give a F.

He even said this:

If you’re me will you refund or rather let him leave a negative review?

BTW, I contacted CS and they unable to help (I’m dissapointed)

Sellers always lose with bad buyers

Before 5r’s new level review system was announced, I’d advise sellers like you to take the negative as a badge of honor. I find myself filtering for bad reviews just to see how sellers responded. When I see a professional and well worded comment as a response, it makes me want to order even more. A few negatives, well worded responses will likely keep scam artist from buying from you.

Horrible buyers will likely do a chargeback, but at least you made a stand; and pretty much told future possible scammers to stay away. Unfortunately, with the new level review thing coming in January, I don’t know if or how it’d effect your ranking or leveling. :confused:

I’m not sure. I guess it would depend on your current level situation.

Sorry this happened.


From the words of your buyer, he’s more than likely going to do a chargeback and forcefully take their money back.

Chargeback = cancellation, which affects your order completion % that is evaluated in January.
Negative review = also affects your overall rating that is evaluated in January.

But from what I see, accepting a negative review will more than likely also end up with a chargeback cancellation either way, so you might end up with both a cancellation and a review, which weighs twice on your profile :frowning:

However, you could take the negative and perhaps Fiverr might remove the review, especially if you provide all the proof required to do so, and if the buyer will have performed a chargeback :wink:


Yeah, I’m understand that now I only concerning will fiverr removing that review.


That is the question, indeed :confused:

I would stay on CS’ head, because buyers are not allowed to threaten with negative reviews like that, which is against the TOS.


Little off topic, but I’m confused by his statement: “Would you pay $200 for cartoon?”

Well, why the heck did he pay $200 for cartoon then ask that question? That question leads me to believe he was planning on doing this from the beginning. Logically, I don’t pay for something, then ask.


You got the point, I think so!


Here is what is written in TOS:

Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:
Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)
Buyers who threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the seller not related to the agreed requirements.

You should ask CS to help you and remind them that threatens are not allowed here.


I filed a ticket to CS and screen captured the buyer messages as a proof.

Hope CS will help. fingercross


None of these, I would like to contact and manage my client :smiley::smiley::smiley:


We used to see this behavior with low budget gigs, but now it seems they are brave enough to hit high value gigs. I had one recently and I refunded. I will lose my level, but at least it’s not a chargeback where Fiverr will simply take whatever is on my account.

Right now I gave it back because in a month or so I would have spent that money and then Fiverr will take away one of my next orders. So basically I would owe money to Fiverr and have to work off my debt.

I would like to say that don’t give in, but it seems that those dimwits can get chargebacks done rather easily and Fiverr takes no responsibility.


Nah not your debt, you would be working of the buyers debt.


Now fiverr compensate 50% of the order amounts to me and cancelled the order for the buyer.

At least we both satisfied now.

The only downside was it will affect my completion rate, but not much luckily.

Let’s move on.


That’s great! Best of luck with the business.


Now my Completion Rate from 97% to 95%.

God bless us all.

How can we sign a petition about change this crazy completion rate idea?

We all should hashtag on twitter to the CEO.


very confusing situation


Great to know you got something at least. :slight_smile:


True, just as long as your 60-day rating doesn’t fall from 4.8 to 4.7.


If I take a negative review fiverr won’t compensate 50% of the funds. I gain nothing but a negative review + decrease my Complete Rate %.

Not worth to do so with the new level system.


That’s not true. Fiverr takes 20% whether you get 5 stars, 1 star, or no stars (no review). When you refund, Fiverr won’t make money unless the buyer orders from someone else.