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Picture not displaying on portfolio

Hi, today I completed an order for my newest buyer (designing animal logo) and the picture unlike all previous ones isn’t showing up on my portfolio…I contacted the buyer and he says it “won’t let him” upload it. It’s really annoying me - has anybody had similar experience and knows how to fix it?

Please make sure that the total upload is under 150mb, and no individual file exceeds 50mb.

I do make sure that. If the file is too large it does notify me. Most files I upload for put on display are 4-8 MB PNG files, and everything worked just fine till few days ago.

I completed a new order yesterday and the new picture isn’t showing up either! I’m starting to believe it’s a bug on the portfolio layout - the customer support said they can’t help me there…

Same here, I thought my customers were choosing not to show the samples of their work on my portfolio. But then I noticed that everyone in the ebook covers categorie, their samples are not showing up in there live portfolio.

Reply to @designacover: Oh I see. So it’s a bug, I’m still waiting for their reply, hope this gets fixed soon because I have more orders and I can’t really tell customers to try re-upload on the completed order.

You also try contacting the CS. My best bet would be that issues are coming from a recent portfolio layout change but I’m no expert.