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Picture uploading problem

Pls i need someone to help me i am new to fiverr as i registered an acct one day ago all my effort in uploading a picture for my gig went in vain and i tried different pictures upto like 20 and still the situation is the same,pls how can i solve this problem?


I am unable to upload photos to the site. It keeps telling me that I need 682X459 pixel. The site wont convert what I have, nor will it take what’s requested. I am working in IE. Should I changed browsers? Any suggestions. I am unable to sell until this is resolved :frowning:

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I think your best bet would be to try another browser.

I myself use Chrome and been uploading pictures 2000 pixels wide with no problems (although the 2 mb size restriction works as intended)


Im having the same problem too, hope somebody can help as soon as possible!

…allowed: JPEG, 682 pixels wide, 459 pixels height, up to 2 MB. …

Yeah im not the only on i did like 20 pictures this is unbeleveable

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Everything working fine now

I got it to work with Chrome just fine - it obviously disliked my safari browser.

It still doesn’t work for me.

They shouldn’t make that field nessecary, it’s so annoying.

I am having this issue aswell. Using chrome on MAC

I have a problem n uploading picture please help me

Hello everybody,

I recently joined in and discovered this problem too.

Anyways, i thought of a solution and it worked for me.

Am attaching an image for everyone to understand.


  1. Windows 7 (am not sure of any other OS, i use this personally)

    2.Open the image you want to upload with “Paint” app
  2. Drag the corners to adjust the width & Height. All Done…!!! B-)

    Note: Dont bother about the size, as it says, “MAX 2 MB”. Moreover, am sure many will end up in KBs :wink:

    Sheriff’s Note: If you want to upload an image to the forum the dimensions are 670 (width) x 315 (height) pixels.

Review the image guidelines CAREFULLY~

cannot upload picture either I have tried everything

Reply to @grandmasbabies: What have you tried? What browser do you use? Are you absolutely certain the photos you are trying to upload are JPEGs? And are the correct size? Have you tried contacting Customer Support? What happens when you try to upload photos?

i dont know how to get a picture for my gig of that size

I am also having a problem and none of these solutions are not working for me

I’m also trying, nothing works, how can we become a seller if we can’t upload any photos, fiverr should look in to it.


I am having the same problem. I made my pic to comply with the requirements but fiverr spit out some generic error. It has more to do with the site than the picture. Something is messed up on website. I have 14 gigs up, and only 2 to 3 of them don’t allow me to upload pic even though I already have an existing pic on there and I only want to replace it. Makes no sense to me.