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Many ways an artist can describe things. A real picture may depicts ten of thousands of meaning as in a simple article

may raise a millions of questions in the mind of the readers. Though I say I can restore your picture, draw it, edit it , caricature it , put it in your covers , cards , designs , logo etc. but what count most is what we want to convey in its representation in case of of a picture and what we want to mean in the context of the writings.

In My Gig conceptualizing your Logo is not only what your eyes can see but it covers what your mind can see and what the seer can feel.Intellectual qualities of the job is what I means . As Abstract is to painting.

Discovery ?? what is It/ Follow me and you’ll know what the eyes cannot see!!


Be up to date . Learning and discovering is a continuous process. There is a Biblical saying " Man does not live by bread alone."